Friday, 15 August 2008

I'm not impressed...

I went to the first Pain Management Course today and I am not at all impressed. After reading the paperwork we have been given I have come to the conclusion that it is, on the whole, a repeat of the condition management course. Most of the 4 hours were spent going over what generally the course is about, and a small exercise which involved standing in a circle and passing bean bags to each other. Apparently the aim of the course is to help us learn that a certain amount of exercise will help with pain management. Now I hope I have a reasonable amount of common sense, and realize that appropriate exercise can help in the management of pain...and therefore a feeling of well being. Do I really need to attend a 6 week course to tell me that? I don't think so. In my humble opinion, the day could have been far better spent in my front garden as the weather has been so nice. The only plus side is the taxi...there and back....and a lovely buffet lunch ....all paid for by the tax payers.

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