Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Broken specs...

I've spent the last 2 days gardening......and I'm absolutely shattered. The front garden was the worse, and I haven't done it to my usual standard. I'm just too tired. I've got blisters on my hands and bites on my arm from where I disturbed an ant's nest. They may be little but they can't half bite!! In the process I have managed to break my glasses. I was cleaning them yesterday and one of the nose pieces fell off. I saved it hoping to get it repaired.....then today the same thing happened with the other side. This time it went flying across the floor and I haven't been able to find that yet. No doubt the vacuum cleaner will pick it up. So I have made an appointment with the optician. I am due for an eye test but I have been putting it off. I wear varifocals and they cost me a tidy sum 4 years ago. Now if my prescription has changed that will mean I will have to have 2 pairs. As I am on benefit I get my eye test and glasses free within a certain price range, but I wont be able to have varifocals or even bi focals. It will take some getting used to having to swap and change between glasses.....it's such a hassle!!! By tomorrow lunch time I might be wearing different specs....and perhaps cursing because I haven't got the right pair on for what I want to do. If my prescription remains the same...which I very much doubt.....(old age creeping up a a rate of knots) I may be able to get these repaired.

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