Wednesday, 27 August 2008

All Change....

Here I am , sat typing this with my old specs on. They couldn't be repaired. My prescription has changed quite a lot, so now I have 2 for distance and one for close up. Well I've got the distance pair..and there is a big difference....but the lenses needed for close up were out of stock. I will have to wait for a phone call to tell me that they are ready. The optician strongly advised me to continue with varifocals.....and I did agree....they are a lot less hassle. I did think about going back to the cheaper option of bifocals, but the optician said that she would not advise that for me. Unfortunately funds wont allow for varifocals. Even with the NHS voucher that I'm entitled to, the price was too high for me at the moment. I could have had them on a payment plan but as my finances are not secure I do not want to commit to anything that I may later regret. I have made up my mind to start a "varifocal fund" so perhaps I will be able to afford them next year. As my mother had glaucoma and my eyesight has deteriorated more than expected, the optician says that I now need an eye test every year instead of every 3 years. Now the fun starts....remembering to change glasses depending on what I need to see!!

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