Saturday, 9 February 2008

Woohoo....I did it!!!!!

I am so chuffed with myself. I've managed to figure out how to get a slide show of some of my cards on here...was almost ready to give up. The problem was my computer. It was running so slow that it timed out before I could upload them.
The ones showing are just a few that I have made for family and friends. I have never considered myself to be very artistic or creative, but I needed something to do with myself when I became unable to work. The boredom was driving me to distraction. Making cards is something I can do when I am having reasonably good days mentally and is not physically demanding. Since starting to craft I have learnt so many new things and made some new friends as well. The crafting community is a very caring if you need a new hobby or just want to try something different...give it a go. It doesn't have to be card making...anything keeps the brain cells active and can become very addictive!!!
I must say that the quality of some of the pictures isn't very good. I scan most of them but some are photographed and I am not very good with a camera...even the supposedly idiot proof digital ones. Ah well.....practise makes perfect. I might mange to take a good picture one day.

I've noticed that the slideshow doesn't always start first time....refreshing the page seems to do the trick though.

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