Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Another sleepless night

Last night was another freezing, almost sleepless night. I'm determined to get some sleep tonight though. I'm sat here with 4 jumpers on.....son's cast offs are so handy.....the gas fire and the central heating on. It will be left on low overnight...hang the bill...I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Had my assessment with the "condition management" advisor today and I've been accepted for the course. Don't know when it will start but shouldn't be too long.
I've had a response from the DLA about my asking for them to look again at their decision, advising me that it could take up to 11weeks!!! They certainly don't rush these things do they? Also in the post was a letter from the DWP asking me to phone to make an appointment for another incapacity benefit medical. The reason for this? They need more information so that I can continue to claim. More information....what information do they need that they haven't already got?....and here's the good bit.....I have to make this appointment within the next 2 days or my benefit could be stopped. Hell's bells!!!! To top all this I have a rent management officer coming to see me tomorrow about the arrears on my rent. My rent is showing arrears because a change of circumstances in my son's income which means that my housing benefit has been suspended and I had to fill in yet another claim form. The company that handles housing and council tax is notorious for the speed which they deal with claims.....dead slow!
I'm p****d off now. My brain is going into shut down mode.

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