Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Getting warmer...

I finally managed to get some sleep last night....thankfully....and the temperature is set to rise a little. I'm in a lot of pain today from my jaunt into town yesterday and carrying 2 litres of milk. Doesn't sound much, but carrying that sort of weight really causes a lot of pain in my shoulders and arms. It feels as if I have weights strapped to my arms.
The rent management officer came today...but left before I had a chance to answer the door!! She did post a card asking me to ring her and informing me that I have no housing benefit claim on record. It's beginning to get farcical now. I'll ring her tomorrow.....just haven't been in the mood for her today. I'm shopping tomorrow with son and DIL although I really don't feel up to it. Needs must; we have to eat.

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