Friday, 22 February 2008

Shopping..and red tape....

I'm really fed up today. The shopping trip didn't go too well...I hate shopping at the best of times...except shopping for craft goodies. Since I have has to stop my Omeprazole I have been feeling the effects. I really suffered yesterday with it. Got home from shopping and made a real effort to make the phone calls to the housing association and the medical services. Housing association told me that they have no record of my benefit application for housing and council I rang benefit office...same application is floating around somewhere in the murky depths of royal mail sorting office. They said they were going to send me another form first class..hasn't arrived yet. The medical services sent me a letter telling me to ring to make an appointment for a IB medical. I duly rang them and was told that an appointment has already been made. What is the point of them sending me a letter threatening to stop my benefit if I don't ring to make an appointment within 2 days when one has already been made!!!! I ask tape madness!!!!!! No wonder the government are threatening to clamp down on fraudulent claimants because of what it is costing. They need to address the time and money wasting practises like this. The appointment letter was supposed to have reached me by now but it hasn't..surprise surprise! Well the appointment wasn't was for the day after I go for my gastrointestinal endoscopy so I've changed it....I now go on the Saturday after.
I was supposed to go and meet my friend in town today for a "ladies wot lunch day." Suffice to say I didn't make it....I was feeling so rotten this morning that I text her. Will have to arrange another day. I've run out of painkillers again and when I phoned the surgery to ask if a doctor would authorise a prescription I was told I would have to make an ready for this?...Friday the 29th. Now I will have to buy some and hope I can get by on the lower strength.

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