Monday, 6 October 2008

What a weekend...'s been. After Thursday's mammoth shop (including a bit of craft shopping) and Friday's swimming I have been cream crackered. I have been so tired but not able to get much sleep which has resulted in me getting up late for the last few days....just when I thought that I had broken that particular cycle....will have to try and break it again. Saturday's weather was atrocious.....wet, cold, windy and dark.....while Sunday saw the sun shining, although it was a little chilly. Today started OK but has now turned wet and cold. I've resorted to putting the central heating on for a couple of hours tonight, just to warm the house through a bit. Winter seems to have crept up on us. I've no plans to for the rest of the week except Friday's swimming, so perhaps I can get started on my Christmas cards. My new Christmas stamps arrived today so I really don't have any excuse. I've also been very good and got my ATC's done for this month's 3 swaps!! They just need posting now. I am waiting for last month's swap from one of the groups but hopefully they should be here tomorrow. It annoys me when the swaps are not sent out when they are supposed to be, due to the host waiting on late arrivals. We have a month to make and send them so why people are late I don't know. If they are too busy and find it hard to meet the deadline they should say so and withdraw from the swap. That's my rant for this week ...LOL

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Budge said...

Sue I totally agree with you about Atc swaps if peeps cant make the deadline withdraw. Glad Theo has settled in ok.

Sylv xx