Friday, 31 October 2008

I'm fed up....

....with AOL. My slide show is back..I think.....I'm going to remove it anyway. Most of my pictures have been transferred to the new hosting site....but it wont let me stayed logged in.....and I can't do any editing with it. I can't even keep all the tags that I've spent hours doing.....that's no good to me. At least with AOL pictures you could just upload the pictures and then edit them. I got so fed up with it today that I decided to download them all to my computer and then upload them on to Picasa. Then Aol decided it wasn't playing nice..(nothing new there then) kept shutting down halfway through the download so I had to keep now, I have only got about half my pictures downloaded to the computer and no tags.......GGrrrrrrrrrr!!! I will still have to edit any new pictures before uploading to Picasa though. Why do they have to go and mess things up? I was happy with the way things were...I knew what I was it's all change and something new to learn.
Son has finally took pics of my 2 cards that I have done for challenges and says he will put them on computer in the morning. I hope this rate I won't get them entered. I tried photographing them myself, but as usual they turned out really bad. Even tried scanning them..a bit better but not much.
I have updated my ATC's....there is a link on the right hand side ......over there>>>>>>>>
That's all October done so now it's time to start the November ones.

Today has been very cold but not as wet as yesterday. It looks as though this cold spell will be with us for a few days yet. I have three jumpers on and the central heating....very low...I'm dreading my next lot of bills. It's lovely when Theo sits on my lap..he's always lovely and warm.
Right....I'm off to get my hot water bottle filled and the extra fleece blanket on my bed. It's the warmest place to be. Hopefully I will have a couple of cards for you tomorrow.

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