Saturday, 11 October 2008

In Christmas mode...

After making a start on my Christmas cards ....(with a little help from Theo..NOT!!!!) brain was beginning to get into Christmas mode, and ideas were flooding my brain. After Friday's swimming I thought that I would make a couple more. It was not to be though. My printer has run out of blue ink and I won't be able to get a refill until frustrating is that? Ok..I can make cards without the printer...but for the one's I wanted to do, and was all fired up for...I need my printer! I'm miffed now. Just hope that the ideas in my head stay there until Tuesday.

On another note, but still craft related, Peejay is having a sale of decoupage sheets. Lucky dip......£4.99 for 10 sheets......a bargain in any body's book. Just go to her blog and follow the link.

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