Tuesday, 21 October 2008

It's cold....

It's turned really cold today, even though the sun has been bravely shining through the showers. Still feeling really tired so haven't done much at all. I thought that I could probably have a quiet afternoon making a couple of cards.......ended up falling asleep in the chair with Theo. Can't say that I feel much better for it though.....perhaps tomorrow.


Emma said...

I am following your blog to see your creations but also your thoughts on your illness...I am very newly diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome after being ignored (for want of a better word for 18 months).
I am only affected mildly but still struggle to keep up with daily life as I am used to.
My crafting keeps me sane.
Emma x

sheffsue said...

Hi Emma..sorry to hear your diagnosis..at least you have one...some don't unfortunately. It is hard coming to terms with not being as active.

Sue x