Tuesday, 11 August 2009

So far so good....

....my plan that is. The weekend was spent having a couple of relatively lazy days...nothing too strenuous. Yesterday I couldn't ignore the weather...it was glorious....so late afternoon..after a slow, gentle walk to the local shop...I spent an hour in the front garden trimming the lawn edges and weeding the borders. I told my son before I went out there to give me a shout in I hour, and I stuck to the hour! I resisted the urge to stay out there longer..as I usually do. Today another stroll to the shop, one load of washing and a tidy of my bedroom. I've no ironing with the washing I did. It was perfect drying weather..sunny and a light breeze.....which meant that with a few minutes spent carefully folding the dry washing, I have saved myself an hour of dreaded ironing. Yay! Tomorrow I will probably spend crafting. I can't do what I had intended as my printer needs cartridge refills...gggrrrr! .....and I wont be able to get them done until the weekend Why do these things always happen when I've made plans.
As for the gardening, it is going to be a lot easier very soon. My neighbour has a privet hedge in the front garden and we share one in the back garden. He told me yesterday that they are taking the front one out and putting in a wooden one..less for me to cut on my side ...and asked if it was ok to do the same with the back one. Of course I told him yes. This means that next year when the housing association take out another one in my front garden and replace it...I wont have any hedges to cut. A big workload off my gardening time. I know it's more environmentally friendly to have hedges, but only if you have the time and energy to maintain them. There's nothing worse in a garden than a badly neglected hedge. With the hedges gone I should be able to plant some slow growing, garden friendly shrubs and plants. So we all win.

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Liz said...

Glad to hear you are taking things easy Sue and good idea about the hedge. My neighbour got rid of his and I did miss it but he built a beautiful small dyke instead with granite like stone.