Saturday, 22 August 2009

Oh no!!.... printer has finally given up the ghost. Got ink no problem....colour wasn't coming through easily so tapped a damp tissue to get the ink flowing. Tried to print a test page but no joy. My printer wasn't communicating with my computer. Turned everything off..unplugged printer....waited a few minutes plugged everything back in... still no joy. My printer now says that there is no colour cartridge, so now it wont print anything. I even tried looking for an update for it. I went on Lexmark's site and my model isn't even listed. I've got so fed up of the rigmarole with it, and after tearing my hair out for the last 2 days, I have decided to buy a new one. Can't really afford it, but it seems to have become one of those necessities of modern life. It won't be here for about 5 days so until printer. The model I've ordered is the same as my sons, an Epson all-in-one and the ink cartridges are cheap...unlike my Lexmark where the cartridges were beginning to work out very expensive, because it will not print on quick or draught.....only best. It is now uninstalled. I'm not sure how to dispose of it though. The scanner works just won't print!
Besides all that bother my week has been a bit hectic and tiring. I have been up and about early every day. Last Saturday was spent gardening, and I thought that would be it. Just finished and was admiring my hard work, when my neighbour popped his head over the hedge and told me that the fence would be installed on Monday. That meant me having to go out in the garden on Sunday to move some plants. He could have told me earlier. He sat in his garden and watched me cut the lawn and trim the edges. the side where the hedge was being dug out I needn't have done. Wednesday I went to town with Anne (you know greatest we did a 2 hour lunch with chat and gossip....and book shop browsing. Thoroughly enjoyed it even though I was shattered by the time I got home. Thursday was shopping day which we had to hurry a bit more than we usually do. U2 were at the Arena so that meant long traffic delays on our route home, and I certainly didn't want to get caught up in that lot. So the last couple of days should have been spent taking it easy and making my daughter in laws birthday card. Had it all planned..but the printer has put paid to that. So now I shall have to give her one that I made earlier and hope she likes it. Will be taking it over to her tomorrow..her birthday.


Joanne said...

Hi I just picked up on your blog through google alerts.
I was diagnosed with ME/CFS and sick 6 1/2 years two years ago GP gave me a chance course of Amoxicillin and my symptoms significantly improved this led her to suspect Lyme Disease which was later confirmed by a specialist.
For 3 1/2 years I could not walk up or down stairs do housework or drive now after long term antibiotics I am nearly 100%.

NICE guidelines say that Lyme must be ruled out before diagnosing Lyme but as tests are about 50% unreliable and many patients are not even tested or properly assessed. Our HPA follow iDSA guidelines which are currently under review presentations at a recent hearing are available on their website Stephen phillips one sites ample research showing seronegativity and persistent infection something ILADS doctors have been saying for years.
Now I am not saying every ME/CFS sufferer is lyme but there are many doctors finding a high percentage are and so it may be worth having a good read about this through the many links on my blog many into research and also ILADS site.
Bottom right on my blog is my story.
The Yorkshire Dales have been endemic for ticks which carry Lyme Disease for many years but there is evidence that most of UK is affected. The smallest tick is the size of a poppy seed so we are not always aware of being bitten.
Good luck in finding something that works for you.

Anonymous said...

Anne? I know Anne...apparently she's alright!:) Really glad you had a good time on Wednesday. So did I. Well, we are "ladies wot lunch"! Anne x.