Monday, 31 August 2009

It's been a bad week....

.......for me. Only to be expected I suppose. I still can't get used to the idea that Theo isn't jumping on my bed in the morning and miaowing at me if he hasn't been fed by 10 o'clock, or trotting into the house several times a day to make sure we are still here. What I miss most is his comb and cuddle time in the evening. He liked to be thoroughly combed then would lay in my arms (just like a baby) for about an hour with me stroking his beautiful silky coat and Theo purring gently. He would come to lay at the bottom of my bed on his blanket at about 3 in the morning, then go downstairs when he heard my son getting up for work at about 5.

My new printer has arrived and it's been installed. I've still got to get to play with it properly yet....but so far the results are good. My mojo left me last week...didn't even manage to get the ATCs done for the ATC Swappers. I've made myself do a card today so perhaps it will come back. The card is for the Imag-e-nation challenge...which asks for a card made using the side step template. Not sure that I'm happy with what I've ended up with. I didn't have anything in particular in mind so I just went with the flow so to speak.

Last Wednesday I went to the doctors after I was asked to make an appointment for a prescription revue. The outcome? problem with the medication, but I did tell her about the bouts of vertigo that I have been having. She checked my ears...fine she infection. Then she asked why I have never done anything about my deafness. Well the answer to that one is that I was born partially deaf so it has always been normal for me...even though my hearing is deteriorating....probably age catching up with me. Anyway she said that she would find out about a hearing test for me at the surgery and would phone me to let me know. I'm still waiting. She also checked my blood pressure...again, fine no problem. Then she asked me to stand up while she took it. She ended up checking it three times..she thought her machine was playing up. No it wasn' blood pressure goes through the roof when I stand apparently. That could explain the vertigo and the bouts of profuse sweating when I exert my self too vacuuming the living room. Another wait and there something wrong or is it to be put down to the M.E. once again.

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Myzdamena's World said...

I sometimes find that the doctors will just put anything down to M.E. and don't investigate so they have to be prodded to actually make sure something else isn't wrong before they just stick it down to the M.E. .. which is why I don't really do doctors any more unless I feel tremendously worse all of a sudden. I do hope it's something that can be put right for you though... so you can enjoy your vacuuming once again! ;) xxx