Saturday, 1 August 2009

I don't want....

......another week like the one I've just had. After the problems with IE and finally catching up with my blog reading, my comp decided to play up. I went to switch on the computer last joy. I thought that it was just a sticking button...but no. Eldest son came over and found that the button was playing up (cheapo plastic!) but the main problem was the power unit. When my computer went down last year I had a new motherboard and other bits but not a new power unit. Groan...more expense...but son came to rescue. He'd bought himself a laptop recently, so he still had his old comp with all the bits...including an all singing, all dancing, power unit. He has been over today to fix it for me.... so now I'm back online with a long list of emails and again I'm playing catch up with my blog reading. So if you are on my list.....SLOW DOWN!..until I catch All this has meant that I haven't been able to make a card for my youngest's birthday on I will have to get a wriggle on tomorrow. Not that he really appreciates it mind.....he "doesn't do cards." Besides all this, my sleeping hasn't improved over the last week. I can see myself making that card tonight if I'm still awake at 3 in the morning.
The weather has been just typical for us. Start of the school holidays and we have had rain...some of it torrential. I had to go to the local shop on Wednesday for bread and milk. I set out in a fine drizzle and the sun trying it's hardest to avoid the clouds. I came home absolutely drenched to the skin. I had to stand in the porch and ask my son to fetch my bathrobe as I had to strip off completely. The leather shoes that I had worn are still not completely dry. On top of that I had visitors. The housing association sent 2 officials to undertake a quick survey of my house prior to the modernisation early next year. They wondered why I was surprised to see them as apparently they had turned up by appointment. News to me. I can see that I am going to have a few problems with the modernisation. They showed me a plan of how the kitchen is going to look. OK..except that they haven't accounted for my table and chairs. "Well you can always move them into the living room"...erm..where? Then the plan has put the fridge-freezer in a corner next to a radiator. Humpfff. I have got a separate fridge and freezer. " Well in that case they can go in the porch" (what is at the present the old coal-house and currently houses my dryer and gardening equipment). Hummppfff! ..." can sacrifice a unit in the kitchen and have the fridge in there and the freezer in the porch." What..with my dryer, garden equipment and the new combination boiler that is going in there? "Right....that will have to be sorted at a later date with the liaison officer, who will be contacting you about storing some of your belongings while the work is carried out." Oh this is going to be fun.....NOT!
Then to cap it all, Thursday I was rudely awakened after a restless night, by 2 workmen who had come to repair the overflow from the cold water tank in the loft. Yes I had reported it and was given an appointment date...Friday!

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