Saturday, 16 May 2009

Stop raining!!!!

Last weekend I cut the hedges in the back garden....and managed to cut through the cable, did that last year with the lawnmower. No worries though.....surge protected and I know how to temporarily fix it. I haven't got an electrician for a son without learning something!.....and my dad taught me how to wire a plug, change a washer on a tap, and lots of other useful things to know around the house. Although it took me a couple of days to recover....which I spent not doing much but enjoyed sitting outside or pottering for a while, even though it was a bit windy. When I was ready to cut the front hedges what happens?.....rain...and more rain...and more rain. It has alternated between glorious sunny spells to torrential downpours for the last 4 days. I thought that it would settle with the thunderstorm last night, but today, again the same. I haven't wasted my time though. I made a card for the Imag-e-nation forum challenge and have done my ATC's for this month. I've not spent a lot of time on the computer as I'm finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate for too long at the moment. I'm way behind on my blog reading! Didn't win the challenge....never expect to though, the standard is high. I really enjoyed making this card. I used a stencil and played with my chalks which I haven't done for a long time. The dolphin was cut out from a free downloaded sheet of toppers from Scrapbookingmad. If I find that I need this card for someone then I can always personalise it with a name or age in the top right hand corner. For now it is in my card box.

I will update my ATC albums when I've taken pictures.

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