Wednesday, 6 May 2009

So what have I been.....

...up to? Well, first I've been busy with a card and stationary set for my friend's birthday....which was last Sunday. Had a panic with the card though. Theo decided to help..and was the air blue! I'd left it to dry and darling boy did what cats do...chased a moth on the outside of the window. In the process he brought my net curtain down and managed to knock the card on the floor. Silicone all over the acetate. After carefully dismantling and using a fresh piece of acetate it turned out OK. I used one of the Flippin Women sheets from La Pashe. I scored the card stock into squares to represent tiling..and then stamped a blue flower on alternate squares I took the picture before I realized that I'd forgotten to put the champagne cork on..that was remedied before I gave it to my friend. The insert is a birthday bubbles sheet from someone on the Imag-e-nation forum. I'm sorry, I can't for the life of me remember who it is. If you know can you please let me know so that I can give credit where it's due. (I really will have to start tagging these items, that are so freely and generously shared, so that I'll know at a glance who's they are.)
Below is the outside of the stationary set. I first got the inspiration for this from Jak's blog. It was going to be blue, then I found this gorgeous textured gold card in my stash that I didn't realize I had. The initial is metal and I've put a very small blue gem where a brad should be. The flower is a download from Jak's build a blossom sets....available on her blog....and a small blue gem in the centre. I have to say that the pictures are not good.

The inside....I used Jak's sheets... yet again available from her blog. They were originally black and white but she very kindly gave me permission to change the blue. Have you guessed yet that my friends favourite colour is blue?

Here are a few of the cards that I made to go inside. All the papers used are from Jak's blog. I used the same sentiment on all the cards..Just to I think it's a very useful sentiment....hello....thinking of you...get well soon...etc,

And finally.....a card for my niece's birthday. The flowers and backing paper from Fred. The circle sentiment from Funky Fairy.

P.S. A quick pic of Theo getting to know his way around the garden. He's been an indoor cat up to a couple of weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Great work Sue! It was my 40th birthday on Sunday and this lovely lady went to all that trouble just for me! What an absolute star and a brilliant friend. Thank you. Anne x.

My'scardcorner said...

Fabulous flippin card Ive not used that one yet :0)
Stationery is just brilliant no wonder Anne was overjoyed.A real work of Heart :0)