Thursday, 7 May 2009

Can you see....

...the smoke coming out of my ears? I'm fuming! The day started badly with gas contractors hammering on my door at 8 this morning (I don't do mornings). The gas supply pipes are being replaced on our estate. Holes everywhere. They've moved my meter from the kitchen to the's downstairs....I don't know why. My house is due for major modernization work this year so it will have to be moved again. The wall that my meter is situated on will be knocked down. The mess was unbelievable. Chunks of plaster and brick dust everywhere, solder dripped down on the walls and door, and paint scraped of the door by the metal ladder. When I pointed this out I was told that it didn't matter as the door will be replaced with the modernization!! Then I was told that there was a gas leak....and it must have been leaking for quite a long time apparantly...he had trouble finding exactly where the leak was. OK, it's fixed now....BUT! boiler and gas fire was serviced by the local council a couple of weeks ago. The boiler had a fault and was gas leak detected! Anyhow, after I'd cleaned up a man came to fill in the holes in the walls. A child could have done a better job.
I was consoled a little with receiving some crafty post.....much better than bills. ATC's from 2 of the 4 swaps I participate in...Imag-e-nation and Crafts Beautiful. Unfortunately one of them was an opened empty envelope from the Crafts Beautiful swap. I've come to the conclusion that the contents have been "removed." The envelope has no franking marks whatsoever, so it cannot have gone through the system. Not only am I disappointed for myself but also for the people who's ATC's they were. On a brighter note Jane, aka Draytonlady, has offered to send me some more to make up. Just shows what a caring community the craft world is.

ATC's now uploaded to my picasa albums which can be found on the right hand sidebar.

P.S. Thank you for the comment Anne (my greatest fan)....glad you liked your pressie, it was a pleasure to do...and by the way, everyone knows how old you are

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Anonymous said...

D'oh!!! Oh know what they say. Life DOES begin at 40! Anne x.