Monday, 18 May 2009 can stop now,

Raining that is. Getting a tad fed up with the weather now, not that I can actually do anything about it. I got soaked just going to the surgery to pick up my prescription. Looked and felt like a drowned rat when I got home. Kept looking outside before I went, trying to decide if I would manage to be there and back before the next onslaught of rain.
Most of you will know that there are quite a few digital stamps being offered for sale on the Internet. I have a few of these. They are a great alternative to buying stamps. They are postage costs and good if you are starting out or are having to be careful with the pennies (aren't we all?). I still prefer the actual physical stamps but unfortunately I would be bankrupt several times over if I indulged as often as I would like. I digress from my point here. Yesterday while catching up with all my blog reading, I came across 2 of these digi stamps that I would like to buy..actually there were more that I would have liked but I decided on these two. From different sites....but I couldn't buy them. Why? Because they were sold out. Now I don't know if I'm missing something here; but can a digital image actually sell out? Let me know if you know the answer to that one. I'm intrigued..... and disappointed!

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