Monday, 21 July 2008

I'm back!!!!

Yes, here I am at last. There have been major problems with the computer and it just died on me. Well now I have a new one...built for me by son number 1 and not without problems along the way....and I have named my computer Steve. "We can rebuild him....we have the technology......" (how sad am I? It's a lot faster and has a lot more memory. I must just say a very big thank you Paul..son number 1.....and son number 4 for providing the finance....without them we wouldn't have a computer. I have so much to catch up on...nearly 300 emails to start with.
In my absence I have won a prize. The Crafts Beautiful forum run card challenges and I am the very proud and surprised winner of the Animal challenge!!! The card I entered is the one I made for my very dear friend Anne's birthday. (Hold onto it's a prize winning creation) You can check out the posting here.
The reliance we have on technology is a little scary.....but it is so good to be back!!


Anonymous said...

Great to have you back, Sue!!! And...well done Paul and number 4 son for the birth of "Steve". "We do have the technology, we can rebuild him...let's just hope he doesn't fall apart at the first hurdle...!" Congratulations also on your prize! I must say that the sheep card is pretty impressive and I will indeed keep hold of it. Anne x.

budge said...

Welcome back Sue I have missed you. a big thank you to your sons for getting you back on line.
And congratulations on your sheep card.
Sylv xx

Bev said...

Congratulations on getting published Sue, well done you!!