Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mama Mia.....and thank you

It's been really weird not having a computer this last month.....I didn't think that I would have missed it as much as I did. I did manage to read all 7 of the Harry Potter books and 4 Agatha Christie's. Deciding to make the best of my time away from technology I thought that I would get a good bit of gardening was not to be though. Not only because the weather couldn't make it's mind up, but also partly due to me having an ear infection, which made my balance even worse than it is now. I didn't dare risk using any electrical equipment in the garden...I've managed to get it done now though...the grass is ready for cutting again! I was feeling a bit miserable and so was my friend who hadn't been too well the last couple of we decided to cheer ourselves up with lunch and a trip to the cinema. Well it certainly did the trick. "Mama Mia" is definitely a film worth seeing in my opinion. It had me crying with laughter and singing along. It's has a real feel good factor.
This Friday sees the last of the condition management course. I can't truthfully say that it has helped me much...but that is not to say that these courses aren't useful to anyone else. I can see where they would be beneficial to others. I have signed up for a pain management course though as that seems to be my worst problem....constant pain which can vary in degrees of severity on a daily basis, and disrupts my sleep which adds to my problems with M.E......the hot spell we are having at the moment is not helping either....

Finally I want to say a very big thank you to all the people who have sent messages on my return. The Imag-e-nation forum members were very concerned that they hadn't seen me post on here or the forum and could not get in touch with me. Although I haven't met any of them I am overwhelmed that they missed me and expressed their concern for my well being. What can I say?.......they are simply the best!!!

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