Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Lily's back!

Who's Lily I hear you asking....it's not who but what. Lily of the valley is what. Regular visitors will know that last year I had a real battle with this beautiful woodland plant. It was over-running my front garden and choking out the other plants. I managed the mammoth task of digging most of it out. I have been keeping a close watch for signs of it reappearing. A couple of weeks ago I tidied and weeded the front garden and could see no sign. This morning however I noticed that it is back. It's only a small area but I will have to get it dug out before it takes over again. The weather has been beautiful today and I was hoping to get out there and cut the grass. All the rain we have had has meant that the grass is growing at quite a rate of knots. Unfortunately my hands and knees are not up to it. The swelling had gone down due to me having a very relaxing weekend physically....but now they are swollen again. So much so that I couldn't get my shoes on to go to the shop today...I had to resort to my very worn and shabby trainers...not a good look for a woman my age. I was hoping that my first thought was right..that the symptoms are not due to rheumatoid arthritis....seems I am probably wrong. Friday is the day that I find out. I have an appointment and this time it is to see my own GP. I've never actually seen her since she took over from my last GP who retired. I've always been seen by another doctor in the practise.

I've got my ATC's done for the CB swap even though the list isn't closed for another few days. It does seem though that the theme will be butterflies..if it changes I will have to make some more. Well I had to get them done while my brain was still churning with ideas! They are all ready to post and I'm getting impatient. I love receiving them...it's a nice surprise because you don't know who's you're going to receive until they arrive.

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PeeJay said...

Sue, I've been reading your blog recently and have found it really interesting. It is well written and gives a really good insight into what people go through when they suffer this awful illness - in all sorts of ways. In case you hadn't realised I awarded you the Arte y Pico award a couple of days ago as I felt, with your crafting and good use of the written word, that you really deserve it.