Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I'm feeling a little better than I was when I last posted. The beautiful weather we have had today, after the cold winds and snow showers over the weekend, have helped to lift my mood. I received 2 ATC's this morning from the Image-e-nation forum Easter swap. I'll show you them when I've scanned them. It would be better to photograph them but I am rubbish with a camera.

The appointment I thought I had on Monday..and notice I say thought..never happened. I don't know if I dreamed it or if it was one of those senior moments again. When I made the appointment last Thursday I'm sure the receptionist said "next Monday." Well I duly set the alarm early for Monday and was about to go to the appointment, and noticed that I had the appointment card in my coat pocket. It's a good job I checked it...the appointment isn't until next Monday..the 14th. I was so annoyed with myself. Such a simple thing and I had managed to get it wrong!

I've finally sorted out my favourites list on my computer. It's a little bit shorter, but the important thing is that it is in nice neat folders and I can find stuff!

All in all not a bad couple of days. Oh...and notice the new sig at the bottom of this post? Managed to get that after reading about it on one of my absolute favourite blogs..thank you Allison. She has some really easy to follow blog tips, even a computer numpty like me can follow them.

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