Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I'm organizing..

I've been de-cluttering. My favourites list on my computer is so long and disorganized that I've started to try and bring some order to it. It is taking longer than I thought. The list seems endless. Well you know how it come across a site that looks as though it could be interesting and save it for a better browse later. Well later has finally come. Why I ever saved some of the sites is beyond me. I must have had a lot of "senior" moments. I'm about halfway through. It wouldn't take me so long if I didn't browse a few sites I had forgotten about. Quite a lot has been deleted though...I am being ruthless as far as the computer is concerned. I've also had the courage to delete some programmes on the computer....some have not and probably never would have been used.

With the spring weather that we are being blessed with at the moment I've also managed to get out into the garden. Only done part of it but I really enjoyed myself. My type of gardening is very hands on...I rarely wear gloves....which doesn't do my nails much good. I've cut the grass, turned over the soil in the flower beds..much to the delight of the local Blackbirds and Robin, re potted the mint and moved a pot that contains dwarf daffodils and a pole for the bird feeders. I can see the plants now. I'm hoping that the wintry weather that has been forecast for the weekend doesn't happen and that I can get a bit more done over the next few days.
I've an appointment with my GP in the morning to see if I can try and get my painkillers sorted.
The strong ones I have for the night time do work except for the side effects of a massive hangover in the morning.....and I don't even drink alcohol....wouldn't mind so much if I did. It's like going to a party and not having any fun!

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