Wednesday, 16 April 2008


I'm feeling happy today. The weather has been cold and wet..but it hasn't bothered me today. Even the joint pains..which always seem to be worse when it's cold and wet...have been reasonably bearable. Why am I happy?...'cos the ATC back stamp that I ordered on Monday night arrived early this morning....what service is that then!!...and my computer is running a lot faster. Son came over yesterday and tweaked it a bit and now it's running a lot better. It's not cured..that will happen, hopefully, when the external hard drive arrives and then I can take of all my files and son will be able to cure it .

I'm off shopping tomorrow and just hoping that the wet weather will hold off until I get back home.

I was so excited at the arrival of my new stamp that it gave me the mojo to get this month's Imag-e-nation swap started....and done! Just waiting for the little protective sleeves that I ordered to turn up now so that I can get them posted. They should be here tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I've also managed to put the slide show back on....fingers crossed there will be no hitches this time.

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