Wednesday, 5 March 2008


It's been a crazy few days. The weekend was fairly relaxing...but very cold. We've had gale force winds and snow in some parts. Got a few lovely cards and some chocolates for Mothering Sunday...I object to the commercialism and tell my kids not to spend. It is nice to receive cards though.

Monday was a wasted trip, as far as I'm concerned to my advisor at the DWP. All she had to say really was that she would be sending me a breakdown of what I could be earning if I was able to return to work. I already know this, and it is a bit depressing when you are unable to work to see in black and white how much better off you would be.

Tuesday was the day at the hospital's endoscopy department for the camera and biopsy on my stomach. As it was an afternoon appointment I couldn't have anything to eat or drink after 8am, so that meant me having to be up early to make sure that I had some breakfast. I managed to get lost in the hospital is a massive place. They were short staffed so I wasn't seen until an hour and a half after my appointment time. The procedure took all of 5 minutes..and they said that there was some inflammation and they had taken a biopsy to see if I had the Helibactor infection. Don't these people read other doctor's notes? The reason I was sent for this was because I have been tested and was shown to be negative. Was told that I could have a small drink of water an hour later. Well I was feeling so hydrated that I made myself a cup of tea as soon as I got home!.....the hospital is only a 10 minute bus ride away.

Felt ok for the first couple of hours and then the pure exhaustion hit me so I decided to go to bed for a couple of hours...which turned out to be about 5 hours of drifting in and out of sleep. Got up and went back to bed at about 4.30 in the morning. I still didn't get much sleep though and got up at abut 9.30. Have had a fairly lazy day and tomorrow I am off to town to meet my friend for a "ladies wot lunch" day. I had to cancel this a couple of weeks ago as I wasn't feeling too well but I am definitely going this time. I will try and call into the benefit office to pick up the housing benefit form that they have supposed to have sent me 3 times still hasn't turned up. What are the odds on it turning up tomorrow when I have left the house?

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