Thursday, 27 March 2008

I'm cold....

The cold wet weather is still with us. I thought it had changed this morning when I went out. It was bright, sunny and quite mild. It soon turned cold with driving rain....needless to say I got soaked through and I haven't been able to get warm since. An early night with a hot water bottle for me tonight I think.
It hasn't been all doom and gloom though. The postman delivered a parcel. I love getting parcels....much better than bills! As expected it contained my absolutely essential crafting goodies that I ordered from the Imag-e-nation shop. Just need to make a card now so that I can use some of the gorgeous lilac ribbon! (5 one metre lengths for £1)

At long last I managed to get myself organized and did a couple of parchment pieces. I'm rather pleased with my efforts but I do realize that I need lots more practise. I am determined to try and hone my skills in this area of my crafting. It can only add to my enjoyment of this particular craft.
The first one is white work. I thought it looked fairly easy to do, which it is, except I didn't take into account the amount of cutting out needed!...and there are a couple of small errors, but as long as you don't look too closely they are hardly noticeable.
(Pattern by Sue McGuirk)

The second, very pink one, was going fine until I made a total pigs ear of the grid work..hence the reason for the small sentiment and hides the resulting mistake fairly well. I didn't want to end up binning yet another piece. Think I did quite well with embossing the flowers and leaves though and the whole card does stand up!
(Pattern by Josephine Davidson)

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