Sunday, 30 March 2008


It's officially British summertime..well it's still spring really. The clocks have gone forward so the nights are getting much lighter now. It will probably take me a couple of weeks to adjust. Today has been glorious weather wise. I've been to son and DIL's as usual and now I'm tired. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow... a bit too busy I think. Housing office in the morning to take in proofs of income for housing benefit...again...then up to the post office to pay some bills, shopping to do, and then I have an appointment to see my advisor at the DWP. This will be the fourth appointment so only 2 more to go. Phew! me out just thinking about it. There was a time when that schedule would have been a breeze.....not now though. Tuesday will probably see me exhausted.

I've been trying to add a list on here for some of my favourite crafting blogs. It's not playing nice though. It could be the site or..more likely... my computer. I'm too tired tonight to try and sort it. It's really beginning to annoy me now. Help is on the way though. My son has got himself a new laptop so he is going to sort out some more memory for me from his old PC. That will save me a few pennies....yay!! I've decided I need to get an external hard drive as well. Partly for safety, I couldn't bear to lose all the crafting stuff I have stored on here if it should crash, and that has happened to me before, and partly to stop my 2 youngest complaining about all "the junk" I have. Junk!'s not junk, it's essential! They just don't understand. Will have to try and save for that now.

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