Saturday, 5 January 2008

New year...

Another year over. What the new year will bring I don't know. All I do know that I will be trying my hardest to try and get my life on a more even keel health wise.
My test for the Helicobacter pylori bacteria infection turned out to be negative. So where do I go from here......back to the doctor or carry on with the tablets and hope that the symptoms subside? Another wait and see scenario I think.
Christmas was a very enjoyable and relaxing time for me. Christmas day spent at home with my 2 youngest and boxing day at eldest son's. New year's eve saw me at eldest son's again and came home New years 2 youngest were off out doing their own thing.

I still haven't had any results from the housing association concerning the matter of my windows. A surveyor is supposed to be coming to look at the damage but so far no sign. I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that the delay is due to the holiday period. I have had some good news though. I am having a new back door fitted. The present one is rotted at the bottom and lets in the rain. I know it won't be a UPVC one like the front...that will be fitted when the refurbishment of the house is done...but at least it will be more secure and dry.

Monday I have an appointment at the DWP for a "work focused interview." Failure to attend this could lead to my benefit being stopped. Now I know that the government is supposed to be clamping down and checking that claimants are genuine.....but for heaven's they think that I actually prefer to live on a third of what I was earning and not having the lifestyle or social life that I used to enjoy? I did query this appointment over the phone and was told that the name is misleading. The interview...apparently..... is to help me manage my disability and possibly train to be able to find suitable The mind boggles!!

May I take this opportunity to wish you all, wherever you may be, a peaceful, happy and healthy new year.

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