Friday, 18 January 2008

Can it get any worse?.....

I'm in pain...and I want it to go away. It's so mind numbing I'm finding it hard to concentrate at all. It started last week with a own fault really. A ream of copier paper at half price was too good an opportunity to miss. Carrying it home was the problem. The pain started as a twinge in my shoulder blade. Thought it would ease with a warm bath and rest. It has now spread to my shoulder, arm and neck. I'm fast running out of painkillers which don't seem to be helping at all.
On top of this I have 3 Birthday cards which I hoped to get done in the next week....2 of them are needed by the weekend. I have everything I need to do them....images on my computer and new stamps which arrived yesterday...yay!...except black ink!!! I replaced a black cartridge in my printer fairly recently and have not used it much. It's printing with streaks and alternating between light and annoying! I have followed the manufacturers instructions to clean the nozzles but it's not working. I'm just wasting paper trying. I will just have to try and be patient until next week when I can purchase a new one. Can it get any worse I ask you? On second thoughts...don't answer that!!
Hope your start to the new year has been better than mine.

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