Monday, 21 January 2008

Endless nights....

Why am I sat here at my computer at almost 4.30 in the morning? I should be in bed getting precious sleep. The answer is simple.....I am in so much pain sleep is impossible. Saturday night saw me finally getting a couple of hours at 7am. I usually go to my eldest son and daughter-in-laws for Sunday lunch. Suffice to say I didn't make it. The pain I have been getting since carrying home a ream of computer paper has steadily got worse. It's now at the point where sitting or standing for very long is extremely uncomfortable because of pain in my lower back, shoulders and neck...I feel physically nauseous. My head is pounding and the tinnitus is almost unbearable. I can hardly focus my mind on anything. I went for a short walk on Sunday afternoon in the hope that some exercise and fresh air would help. It didn't. I've run out of painkillers...hence the reason I am on here. The time for the surgery to open can't come quick enough for me. Why do the hours go so slowly when you are in pain? The painkillers I take are not on repeat prescription so I am hoping that I can get past a receptionist and speak to one of the doctors and get a prescription. Usually you have to order them 48 hours before. Failing that it will have to be a doctors appointment.....goodness knows when I will get one....could be up to a week!! I definitely can't wait that long....I will certainly go mad.

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