Saturday, 15 December 2007

Murphy's law

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning and perhaps I shouldn't have. What could go wrong today has gone wrong. It started with the Christmas tree lights. They were working fine Thursday night when I put the tree up. Annoying..but easily fixed. Checked the fuse in the plug then the fuse bulb..that was the problem. Had a spare one, so easily fixed. Then the heating, or rather the hot water. The weather has turned very cold so I have had the heating on today. The hot water isn't working though when the heating is on. Probably a faulty valve. Rang the repair department at the housing association and was told that someone would contact me to make an appointment for this. Will be Monday now as repairs are not done at weekends except in an emergency. I can cope with that. What I can't cope with is the incessant phone calls I have been getting today...every 10 minutes or so. They have been from an automated service with no dialogue, just an annoying beep, beep, beep, beep,beep, Aaaarrgghhhh!!!!! The phone has been unplugged until the morning.
On a more positive note I have managed to get all my Christmas cards finished. Just got to address and post them. I am tempted to pack away my Christmas craft goodies, but if I do that you can guarantee that someone will get in touch wanting a card made.
Just got a couple of pressies to buy and then that will be my shopping finished...except the food of course. Not too much of that to do....the freezer is fairly well stocked and it will only be me and my 2 youngest boys for Christmas day. They are both working Christmas eve and boxing day.

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