Saturday, 26 January 2008

More tests....

This week has flown by without me really knowing what day it has been. I managed to get to see a doctor on Wednesday afternoon. He prescribed me some stronger painkillers much to my relief. The back and shoulder pains are still there but a lot more bearable now. I have at last been able to get some much needed sleep. A bit too much sleep perhaps..I haven't been up and about much before lunch time all week. The doctor has also prescribed Gaviscon liquid to ease the pains I get in my chest. He thinks that they may be caused by excess acid but the Helibactor test was negative. Apparently this is quite a common occurrence with M.E. but he has referred me to the hospital for yet more tests. This time for a camera investigation. I think he is just ruling out the possibility of any other condition causing it. Better safe than sorry I suppose. If I haven't heard anything from the hospital in 4 weeks I have to let him know and he will get on to them.
I still have to get to the CAB about an appeal for DLA. Wednesday is the earliest I will be able to go..and just hope that there is someone there that can help with it. I'm not holding my breath that I will be awarded DLA.....the forms are a minefield open to all sorts or interpretation.

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