Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Think I'm getting there..... managing to get out of bed before lunchtime. Not done it every day but I have for a couple of days now. I was really wiped out at the weekend due to shopping on Thursday and swimming on Friday. I only stayed in the baths for half an hour....but boy did I know about for a couple of days. Instead of stressing about not being able to get the housework done I spent Sunday afternoon crafting. Did a challenge card and some ATC. I'm still not sleeping well and it's a vicious circle. The more I worry about not sleeping the worse it gets. Anyway...I caught up with a bit of the housework yesterday and I got my entry for the Imag-e-nation forum challenge done. It was set by Jackie....the winner of the last challenge and I found it a bit difficult. She gave us a sketch to follow and a colour challenge a well. My card is entered but I'm not too happy about it.
My printer is coming out in sympathy with me and my ailments I think....or it could be getting on a bit (very like me!!). It's an all in one, has decided to go so slowly and can't remember it's settings. It will only print out in normal quality...I sometimes use the quick print to save on ink...and won't display the ink levels. So now that's another thing to save for.....a new printer that prints borderless and is very cheap on ink cartridges. The list of things I'm saving for is growing. New varifocals, microwave (son blew mine up) new element for the grill on my cooker, and I've had to buy a new electric kettle this blew up....guess who!..and no end of things on my crafting wish list that I know I will never be able to afford unless I win the lottery.

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