Thursday, 19 March 2009

I hate shopping!

I really do...especially now when I have to shop around even more due to price increases and financial restraints...and not as mobile as I was. Wouldn't mind if I could see something for my money...but the boys just eat me out of house and home. Long queues and heavy traffic on the way home just doesn't help, and then to top it all the boys had done nothing....not even washed the pots. No..."here, let me help you with those bags and unpack".....instead it's....."what for tea mam...and when will it be ready?" It hasn't helped that my back is playing me up again and my knee has decided to join in the party. I made them wait though. Did nothing 'til I'd had a cuppa and more painkillers, which don't seem to have much effect when the pain is this severe. I sometimes wonder why I bother.


Anonymous said...

Ah!! Big hugs. Anne x.

Lou said...

Poor you Sue,
Gentle hugs
Lou x