Wednesday, 25 March 2009

No cards.

I haven't made any more cards.....yet. I do need to get a some done though. I have a birthday card to make for my ex SIL before next week, and some small children's Easter cards...they will be fairly quick and easy to do using some digi stamps. To tell the truth I haven't really felt like making anything this week. I have a sore throat which I hope won't develop into something, more and I'm still finding it hard to get up before lunch time. My son is helping a little there though. He's phoning me every day to see if I'm Another concern I have about my health is my weight. Over the last 3 1/2 years it has crept up but not too much to worry about....I was just noticing that my clothes were becoming a bit tight. Although I've not been swimming every week since Christmas the weight was slowly dropping off. I'd lost about 1/2 a stone. Now what is worrying me a bit is that I've lost another 1/2 stone...but this is in one week. The thought did cross my mind that the scales were wrong (cheapo ones), but we have checked and they are reading right. Now, should I not worry about could be one of those things associated with M.E...or do the really sensible thing and make an appointment to see my GP.....who might tell me that I am being silly and wasting their time. My instinct is to wait another week and see how my weight goes. If I'm still losing the weight pretty fast, then I think I will be justified in seeing my GP. Of course all this could be down to the of those side effects that they don't actually tell you about.

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