Monday, 5 January 2009

It's freezing!!!.....

...and it's going to be another cold night. I've put the central heating on, even though I can't afford it....I'll worry about the bill later. It's that or risk having burst pipes, and I know which I prefer. Now I know I'm going to sound like a grumpy old scrooge here, but.....pensioners, working or not get a winter heating allowance, and my regional TV station is running a campaign to help pensioners through the cold weather. I applaud it...but what about the likes of me? I'm not a pensioner, I am semi-housebound with a medical condition, and I get less money than a pensioner. Do I get any help with my heating? No...only if the temperature stays at zero degrees or lower for 7 consecutive days. Grumpy moan over.

The Christmas tree came down at the weekend, and as I've had the house to myself today....the boys are both back at work.....I kept warm by giving the downstairs a thorough vacuum and polish...took me a long time with frequent stops. I haven't done any crafting, but I have tidied away all the Christmas stuff. The tree which is artificial will have to go in the bin I'm afraid. Theo has had a rare old time with it and has managed to damage a few of the branches....well I think it's time we had a new one.....this one I've had for 19 years. Luckily he didn't break any of the ornaments....but it wasn't through a lack of trying...but there are a couple of small wooden ones missing. They are probably lurking under the wall unit somewhere....that's for another day.

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