Thursday, 15 January 2009

It's been a funny....

...sort of week. I've lost track of time and days. I think it's because I haven't been in a routine since Christmas..but hopefully that will start to be remedied tomorrow when I hope to go swimming. I didn't go last week as I just felt too drained. I have done a bit of crafting though. 4 ATC's and a birthday card which I think fits one of this weeks crafting challenges. Today I've been to eldest son's for a play......because he's only gone and bought a Big Shot!...Yay!!! DIL hasn't had a chance to try it out..not that she seems bothered about it.....she's the same with computers...won't have anything to do with them. Son hasn't got many dies and such as yet, but I did take him my one and only cuttlebug folder....the divine swirls one... and we have been playing using up all those bits of card that you simply can't throw away, because you know that they will come in useful one day. I've come home with a bag of cut/embossed bits. Now I know what to buy him for his birthday, which is in 2 what would I...ooops!..sorry..he like?

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