Friday, 16 January 2009


There I was, thinking how organized I was today. Got up at a reasonable time so that I could do what needed to be done before going swimming.....then DIL phoned to say they weren't going. OK...that gives me time for a bit of crafting. Went to the surgery to pick up my prescription and called at the shops and post office on the way back. When I got home I realized that I hadn't got my prescription I had to trail back to the chemist for that. I'd managed to get my ATC's done earlier this week ready for posting....only to realize that yes..... I had remembered to post them...but I'd forgotten to take a photo of them. Didn't get any crafting done. So much for being organized.
Something good did happen today though. A cold weather payment of £25 was paid into my account by the DWP. That should help a little toward my heating bill this quarter.

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