Sunday, 14 December 2008

I'm not happy.

Besides feeling really down due to this cold/flu I have...and can't seem to second youngest son commented yesterday that due to the government clamping down on people claiming benefit I would have to start work very soon. I replied that I wish I was fit enough to work and would be there like a shot if I could. He then said....and this is the bit that really upset me..."what's wrong with you look all right to me. If you can make cards and use the computer there's not much wrong with you...what is wrong with you anyway." Now I have got used to strangers and slight acquaintances making those sort of comments....but from my own son, I was devastated. I retorted by asking him if he would like a copy of my medical records...and I ended up walking out of the room. Today he's acting as though nothing has been said....and perhaps I'm being a tad sensitive...but his comments hurt, and they are still hurting. The upshot of all this is that I have moved all my crafting stuff upstairs to my bedroom where it will stay. It's meant moving everything round as there is even less room than downstairs..but I'm afraid I'm stubborn and wont invite any more such comments from him by pursuing my sanity saving hobby in his presence. Needless to say I haven't done any cards or participated in any of the challenges for the last few days.


Jackie said...

oh Sue, you must have been so hurt for him to say that. I do understand where you are coming from on this !.. dont give up on your hobby... big hugs x

Anonymous said...

Massive hugs! Anne x.

Liz said...

Sue am with you here and you have my full support. I have had the occasional comment like that from my son when I was bad with my M.E. and could not work. I am glad I am retired now and don't have to prove to anyone about my illness. You carry on and do your crafting I know it keeps you sane and don't be put off by insensitive comments. If he thought about what he said at all I am sure he is regretting it.

Emma said...

Sue keep at it....don't give in your passion.
People just do not understand ME/CFS....I think they feel we are just lazy. I only have a mild form but thats bad enough.
I am sure your son didn't think clearly about what he said.
Keep your chin up.
Emma x