Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Almost done...

...my Christmas cards that is. I've got 2 Christmas and 1 birthday to do by the weekend for a customer. I was hoping to get them done tonight but I'm in so much pain with my back, and the painkillers are not helping one jot. I think the pain is caused by the travelling on buses....4 of them today. It was my last rheumatology appointment. A 10 minute appointment, and two and half hours to get home. As I thought, he has passed me back to my GP, and stressed that I must have another bone scan in the next year as I am losing bone density at a rather alarming rate. I did remind him that it was to be expected really as my late mother and both of my sisters are sufferers. At that he reminded me to take great care not to fall or cause undue strain on my bones as they are so vulnerable....as if I need telling....I'm wondering a bit if is the problem with my back at the moment. He couldn't give me any explanation why walking is so painful on my feet though....he put that down "possibly" to M.E. Can't win really can I?
Now I have to get the calendar and work out if I will need a prescription ordering before Christmas...the surgery is closed for 4 days and I don't want to run out of medication in the middle of Christmas. When I've done that I'm off to bed with a hot water bottle to see if that will ease the pain at all.


Femin Susan said...

How awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

Emma said...

Hi Sue,
Sorry to hear you are suffering with your back...I am too!!
Great to hear you are nearly done with your cards.
Take care Emma x