Monday, 8 December 2008

How chuffed am I????

The answer to that one is...very! Ok, so I'm still feeling absolutely yuck! and getting worse..I think this may turn into a chest infection. I just heard that my vintage card for the Cupcake Craft Challenge has been picked as one of the top 5...whoo hooo!!! It may not seem much of an accolade but it means a lot to me. I am so critical of my artistic abilities and this doesn't half give you an ego boost. Thank you Lauren...and all the people who commented on my's made my day! Off to have a little browse now.


Emma said...

Fantastic Sue...big congrats to you.
Emma x

Daysleeper said...

Congratulations Sue! Your card totally deserves it.
Olga x

Anonymous said...

Well done Sue!! So proud of you! Anne x.