Saturday, 28 April 2007


After a very restless night due to the pain in my legs, I managed to drop off to sleep around dawn. I know it was dawn because of I could hear the birds. I awoke at 11:57 am. I rushed round like a demented mad woman. How could I have slept in..why didn't I hear the alarm? I was supposed to be at my son and daughter-in-laws for about 1:00 pm for lunch!!..and it takes me 45 minutes to get there. It usually takes me a good hour or so to get myself presentable and ready to face the world in the morning, so I thought I had done fairly well to be leaving the house half an hour later. Now I should have realised that something just wasn't quite right when I saw the post on the mat..but it just didn't register. By the time I had reached my local shops....a few minutes walk...the realization that something was terribly wrong was beginning to dawn. Why was the post office and chemist open? Had they changed opening hours for some unearthly reason? I know that the M.E. causes brain fog at times....but come on...the post office and chemist open on a Sunday....since when!!!??? Why hadn't anyone told me? That's when it dawned. It wasn't was Saturday. My brain had jumped a day. I have been known to lose days when I have been so exhausted that I have slept whole days through, but to totally miss a day out...that's never happened before.
This experience has left me totally disorientated. Was it due to the M.E. and brain fog?...or was it one of those "senior moments." This is one time when I hope it is the M.E.

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