Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Ladies what lunch....

It's Tuesday, and already I am exhausted. I spent a very enjoyable Sunday at my eldest son and daughter in laws. I go every Sunday as my 2 youngest who are at home are usually doing their own thing. My son doesn't live very far...it used to be a 20 minute walk...now it takes a good 45 minutes. This is ok on a fine day....not so good when it is raining and cold. I could take the bus I suppose, 2 buses, 5 minutes journey on each, but the waiting time between buses means that it takes an hour for the journey. I ended up helping my DIL with a little weeding of the garden. Big mistake really on my part...Monday was spent regretting it.
Today I went to meet my friend who lives on the other side of the city. We have lunch and talk about anything and everything. These meetings are enjoyable but tiring. It's a case of do I go and be extremely tired for a few days, or stay at home and forget about having some sort of social life? The answer is obvious..the latter. This is the fine balancing act that many people who have M.E. have to consider. We don't always get it right..but hey.. we need a life as well. Tomorrow will probably spent resting and getting frustrated that I am not able to do some of the simplest tasks. It's at times like these that I try to remember what my mother used to say to me. "The housework isn't going anywhere, it will still be there waiting for you" Wise words I think.

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