Thursday, 26 April 2007

I'm being over-run...

After a week of recovering from gardening and taking a trip to town I found myself again overdoing it. I can't help it. The promised rain was very short, but very welcome, garden wise. I had the choice of gardening or housework again. Gardening wins every time. My more recent hobby of card making has taken a back seat these last few days, but I must find time this weekend as I have three commissions to fill. I have spent the last two days weeding and digging borders in the back garden. My reward has been watching a pair of blackbirds diligently collecting exposed snails and insects, obviously for chicks.
My front garden is north facing so gets little sun and rarely dries enough to need watering. Lily of the valley has taken over, covering every available space between the bluebells. Beautiful as these plants are they are becoming a bit of a problem, spreading themselves out onto the small lawn. A spot of "culling" will have to be the order of the day when they have finished flowering.
My house is also being over run....not by cranes. I must stress that these are paper cranes. My youngest son (17) has discovered origami and has made a growing flock of differing sizes. This has given me hours of amusement...and amazement. He has always had a tendency to be hyper-active and gets bored very easily. Watching him conscientiously follow the instructions, and his delight at the results was amazing. Always a bright, academically talented boy means that he is always on the go, physically and mentally. Just being around him can sometimes drain me of energy. Two hours of silence and near inactivity is something very rarely seen in him. I just hope this enthusiasm lasts for a while, even though my ream of copy paper is fast disappearing.

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