Saturday, 14 April 2007

Bat ears and bluebells....

Pictures are of my 2 youngest sons (17 and 23 now!) and Tess.

I've done it....well almost. I managed to get the back garden looking a little more presentable. At least I can now see the plants that I have got in there. There's still some work to be done though. It's a bit like painting the forth bridge, as soon as I've finished I have to start all over again from the beginning. My eldest son has visited today and came up with some ideas for making my garden a little easier to manage. He knows I love gardening but also appreciates that I can no longer spend the energy that I used to on it.
The weather is certainly holding, and it is days like these that I really miss having my dog, Tess. She was my faithful companion for 15 years, and we spent many hours walking in the nearby woods in all the seasons. At this time of year the bluebells are beginning to flower and form a haze of colour beneath the trees. It is a beautiful contrast to the railway line and motorway that can be intermittently glimpsed between the trees. There is a stream which runs down from the golf course at the top, and wild garlic and lily of the valley can be seen there. I have these plants in my garden but they don't look as impressive as they do in their natural setting.
Tess was a little border collie cross with bat like ears who never asked for much, but gave me and my family a lot of pleasure, always a willing participant in a game of football, or a fielder in cricket. She was so patient, especially with my grand children, and never complained when they grabbed her tail or ears when they were starting to take their first steps. Tess was my friend and confidante...I knew she would never tell my secrets to anyone!! I used to walk her twice a day except when I became ill. I still managed a short walk with her...indeed she was sometimes my reason to get up and about in the day. This is one of the things I especially miss. I have thought about getting another dog, I've always had dogs...and cats... in my life, but on reflection it would not be fair. A dog needs exercise and I cannot commit to that now. I am considering a cat though. Cats still need to be cared for but they do not need the commitment of daily walks. A cat would give me the incentive that I sometimes need on bad days.

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