Friday, 11 February 2011

Too good to be...

...true....and it had to happen to me!!!  Was feeling very chuffed with myself today.  Yesterday I managed to do all the jobs on my list, yay!...(I'm back to writing lists again. Feel I have achieved something if I manage to get half of it done.) This morning got up early (for me that is) and got all my kitchen cupboards cleaned...yes!..then went to docs to drop off my prescription request and make an appointment. Was feeling really good and the weather was perfect for gardening.   Didn't push myself, even though I could have stayed out there longer. Just tidied and cleared a small plot where the crocuses are flowering and the tulips are pushing through.  Cooked the tea and then just as we were about to sit down to eat...the cooker exploded.  Well not really....just sounded liked it. The outside glass layer of the oven door shattered. Glass all over the kitchen floor.  I spent a good half hour sweeping it up and then vacuuming with a crevice nozzle attachment. I didn't want any of us getting glass in our feet, or Milly and Mollie getting it in their paws. Phoned my eldest and he says he will have a look on the Internet and see if the glass can be replaced but I think it will have to be a new door....or worse.... a new oven. I really could do without this extra cost just now. Until then I have no oven. I do have the gas hob and a microwave but I rarely use it for actual cooking....just warming things up usually.  Ah well.....tomorrow is another day. Not planning on doing anything.....hopefully a quiet day crafting.

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