Saturday, 19 February 2011

Winter is still here...

...and we've had snow to prove it. It's blooming cold! Went to the docs yesterday for the results of my x-rays. Expected to be in there for about10 minutes, but was there for half an hour. The results show that since my last x-rays there is considerable degeneration in the bones of my fingers. Doc says this could be osteoarthritis but can't say without further investigation. She wants me to go to the rheumatology clinic again, but has to consult with the doctors from the practice. She is only a locum so can't refer without their say so.
She checked my blood pressure..said it was OK....then checked my pulse again.......said it was high and that an eye will have to be kept on my blood pressure. I've to have another ECG. It's at my local hospital this time, only a 10 minute bus ride and it's a walk in clinic. She also hasn't ruled out Reynaud's for my hands. They are really painful now and I'm beginning to lose some sensation especially with the right one. I'm dropping things more frequently. It's frustrating and annoying. The doc did ask if I needed more painkillers but I said that I'd wait and see about the hospital. If I do get referred they might be able to offer some other treatment other than more painkillers. I'm already on three different ones and sometimes you can hear me  I haven't got as much crafting done as I wanted to, but I even managed to make a card for a challenge. All the pics are still in my phone and I will put them on here as soon as I get the chance. I'm thinking about booking a slot for the computer..both my sons hog it and I have to jump in when the chance arises.

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Big, big hugs, lovely. Anne x