Friday, 5 June 2009

Some more post...

...and some ATC's. Postman brought me some more crafty stuff this morning....nothing to get too excited about though...tweezers and DST.
Going to show you some of the ATC's I received this week..I will put them on my Picasa album later. Hoping to catch up with some of the blogs that I have neglected for a couple of weeks as it is raining, so no gardening today. Good thing though really 'cos the garden needs some rain and my wrist needs a rest. I think I may have done some damage to it. I'm getting shooting pains up my arm and one spot just below my wrist bone is tender to touch. Hopefully it's just a sprain and will be OK with some rest. At worst I've probably got a cracked bone....not good as far as the osteoporosis is concerned though. I'll give it a couple of days and if it's no better I will have to take myself off to the hospital....(groan!!)
Here are the ATC piccies. The first 3 are from the ATC Swappers. A Rak from the organiser Paul ...... 2 Purple& Cream from Paul and Michelle.....2 Black&Blue from Hazel and Angel.
This last one is from the Foggy Friends spring ATC swap....Rachel and Lou.
A big thank you to you all....I love receiving them.

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