Saturday, 14 November 2009

I've actually made a couple....

...of Christmas cards!! Only small ones but it's a start. Unfortunately I can't post them at the moment..... Google wont let me.
My week has been very tiring. Tuesday I went to town to meet my friend Anne. We didn't have a long as we usually do but i was shattered when I got home. Wednesday had to do the big shop as the buses were supposed to be on strike on the Thursday (usual day for shopping)..but the strike was called off Thursday lunch time...typical! Thursday I should have been able to have a bit of a lie in and recover.....but no. I had to pick up my prescription from the doctor's, and it was half day closing. Friday I got my lie in...didn't do me much good though..felt just as bad. Forced myself to get up this morning before lunchtime though...I need to get out of that particular rut I seem to be in at the moment. It doesn't help when the weather is cold and miserable..I just want to stay in bed where it's warm and dry!

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